Exhibitions & Symposiums 

Solo Exhibitions

1989     Ploughs, Al Hakawati Palestinian National Theater, Jerusalem ,curator: Suleiman Mansour.

1992     Wooden Platforms The Municipal Gallery, Nazareth ,curator: Marie Abu Jaber.

2001     Anat, Uri and Rami Nehushtan Museum, Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov , curator: Ruth Shidmon.

Here I Am, The Peace Gallery, Jewish-Arab Center for Peace, Givat Haviva. curators: Osnat Ben Shalom and Etti Amiram.

2003    Self-Portrait, The Gallery at Ort Braude College, Carmiel ,curator: Shlomi Schwarzberg.

2004    Anat, The Center Gallery, Nazareth ,curator: Marie Abu Jaber.

2006    The Knight, Al Hallaj Gallery, Ramallah ,curator: Nabil Anani.

2008    Quest, M. Beck Gallery, Homburg, Germany curator: Mathias Peck.

2009    Knight of Dreams, Al Hakawati Palestinian National Theater, Jerusalem , curator: Ahmad Canaan.

2009    On a Thin Wire, Tal Greenfield Gallery, Kfar Vradim, curator: Adi Greenfield.

2010    New Paintings, White House Gallery, Kibbutz Nir Oz ,curator Haim Perry.

2010    Ahmad  Canaan- sculptures, The Open Museum, The industrial garden, Omer. curators  Ruti Ofek and Tamar Hurvitz Livne.

2012    Beyond the Ornament .Wollfred Israel museum ,Hazorea. curators :Shir Meller –Yamguchi and Tamar Leor.

2016     It will be good, art center in Tivon. curator  Ilan beck.


Selected Group Exhibitions

1989     Museum of Art, Ein Harod ,curator: Surin Heller)   Recipients of the America-Israel Cultural

1990    Tel Aviv Museum of Art  Recipients of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Prize

1991      Place and Mainstream, The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan

Hara Museum ARCD, Gunma, Japan; The National Museum, Korea ,curator: Reviva Regev, catalogue

Unity, Salt Lake Arts Center, Utah , curator: Suzanna Klotz -1993

Instant Recognition, Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv ,curator : Kerstin Anna Hartnick

Nine Artists from Jerusalem, Salanka Hall, Moscow; Manege Exhibition Hall, St

,curator: Alexander Okun, catalogue  1994

Begegnungen (Encounters), Dresden Opera House, Germany,curator :kerstin Anna Hartnick

1995         Peace, Edmond Fleg Cultural Center, Marseilles, France ,curators: Hedva Shemesh

and Jack Persikian, catalogue

From the Galilee to Jerusalem,   Al Wasti Art Center, Jerusalem ,curator: Taysir Barakat

1995   sculpture instillation . Jerusalem  theater. Israel festival, Jerusalem ,curator Hedva Shemesh

1998  Keinan-Canaan, an sculptures exhibition with Amos Keinan, Beit Hagefen, Haifa (curator: Hana Kofler)

Story Time, The Artists House, Jerusalem; The Center Gallery, Nazareth; Candid Arts Trust, London (curator: Anna Shahrabani). catalogue

The 50th Anniversary of the Nakba, Municipal  Galley, Nazareth (curator: Marie Abu Jaber)

1999 The Gate, The National Gallery, Amman ,curator: Rasmi Hamza, catalogue

2000   Identity, Thoughts and Vision, traveling exhibition, US (curator: Anton Biedermann)

Expo 2000, The Jordanian Pavilion, Hannover, Germany

A Moment after the Moment Before, High Touch Gallery, Herzliya Pituach and Umm el-Fahem Gallery (curator: Daphna Naor) catalogue

Williamsburg Bridges Palestine, Brooklyn, New York ,curator: Samia Halaby,  catalogue

2003  Black/White, Beit Hagefen, Haifa ,curator: Hana Kofler, catalogue

Birds, Haim Sturman museum, Ein Harod ,curator: Sara Tandet Ron

Palestinian art exhibition, Nissan Gallery, Doha, Qatar curator: Ahmad al Razem

2005  Visit Palestine, 4 Walls Gallery, Amman ,curator: Majida Al-Muasher, catalogue

Palestinian Art, Mercado Center, Dubai; exhibition organized by  Alhoush,Palestinian Association of Contemporary Art ,PACA

Five Palestinian Artists from Israel, Haido Besermi, Hungaria ,curator: Abed Abedi,

Sculpture – Foreign Language, The Artists House, Tel Aviv ,curator: Daniela Talmor, catalogue

Sculptures in the Academic Courtyard, The Neri Bloomfield School of Design and Education, Haifa curator: Daniela Talmor

Embroideries: Embroidery and Calligraphy in the Works of Contemporary Artists in Israel, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev ,curators: Haim Maor and students ,catalogue

Mask – Identity, Gebo Art Space, Tel Aviv ,curators: Nurit Tenne and Rafi Barbibay

Portraits, The Municipal Gallery, Tamra ,curator: Ahmad Canaan

Colors under Siege, Rashad al Shawa Center, Gaza,curator: shababik atelier .Shareef Sarhan

It's Going to Be Olympic, Gebo Art Space, Tel Aviv ,curator: Yochanan  Harison

Secret Art, Mani House Museum, Bank Leumi, Tel Aviv ,curators: Esti Drori and Doron Pollock, catalogue

Correspondence, The Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem ,curator: Farid Abu Shakra, catalogue

The Country and Its People, The Mormon University, Jerusalem ,curator: Naomi Weinstein

Passport, exhibition in homage to Mahmoud Darwish, Al Mahatta Gallery, Ramallah; Birzeit University Museum; darat al funun, Amman, Jordan ,curator: Misbah  Deeb -Almahatta gallery and Al Qattan foundation ,and the Palestinian ministry of culture

2009  Man, Land, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem ,curator: Raffi Etgar,catalogue

x7,Cairo Bank Gallery, Amman, Jordan ,curator: Mohammad Al Jaloos, catalogue7

Palestinian art exhibition in Muscat, Oman; an initiative of Al Mahatta Gallery, Ramallah, and the Palestinian Ministry of

Culture curator: Esmat Asaad,2009

Something must happen Gazza culture center .curator Iyad sabah

Drawings by Sculptors, Museum Schloss Fellenberg, Merzig ,Germany ,curator: Marianne Nola-Maragliano, catalogue-2010

In family unity, unity of the work Moscow and Yekaterinburg, Russia ,curator: Nadya  Odegova Organizing committee of the exhibition , Ekaterinburg Art Foundation ,catalogue,2010

2010-Kayan- sculptures exhibition .Palestinian art court. Jerusalem .curator :Mirna Bamieh

Traces.Zaweya  art gallery .Ramallah .curators :Ziad Anani and Suleiman Mlihat -2013

Seven woman house keys , Gallery 14 ,Amman Jordan ,curator Susan Klots- 2014

Yolboyo art gallery ,Antalya ,Turkey ,curator : Melek  Günbey.2014

Colors of life .Zawya Gallery ,Rmallah. .curators :Ziad Anani and Suleiman Mlihat,2014

Beirut Art Forum ,Beirut ,Lebanon ,curator : Misheel  katshon ,2014

Metamorphoses in the war time ,UNICCO  Palace. ,Beirut ,Lebanon ,curator :Tahawolat magazine-2014

The Autumn exhibition , Spyrz  gallery , Beirut .Lebanon ,curator Abdu Alrahman Al Mohammad-2014

Neighbors , , The Gallery at Ort Braude College, Carmiel ,curator Shoshi Norman 2015




Local and international symposiums

Construction in process: Coexistence, The Artists Museum, Mitzpeh Ramon ,curator: Doron Pollock, catalogue- 1995

Encounter(meeting), The Artists Museum,  Lodz, Poland (curators: Doron Pollock and Rycard wasko. Catalogue -1995

Site-ations, international site-specific art event, Cardiff, Wales ,curators: Duron Pollock and Sean Oreilly- 1996

The International Biennale of Alexandria, Egypt ,catalogue-1997

2001 -  The Sculpture Festival, Umm el-Fahem ,curators: Said Abu Shakra and Eli Shuki

Sculpture symposium in the photography museum ,the industrial garden ,Tel hi ,curator David Fine- 2001

Sculpture symposium in Yerca village ,Ibdaa association for art,curator Jamal Hasan -2001

Stone Sculpture Festival, The National Museum, Amman ;Jordan ,curator: The Royal Society of fine art-2002

Stone s on the Boarder, Saarbrücken, Germany ,curator, Alfred Diwersy and Paul Schneider, catalogue and documentary film-2005

Spring in Gifna, International Art Festival, Gifna, Ramallah ,curators: Khaled Hourani and Maliha Maslamani,  2005

Refugees, Nikaia, Greece ,curator: Lily Bakoyannis, catalogue,2006

2010-sculpture symposium in Carmeal. Curator Salo Shaul

Painting symposium in Karaty university ,Konya ,Turkey .curator  Orhan Cebrailoğlu- 2012

The tenth symposium in Fas ,Morocco ,Mohamed Al Qasemi gallery, curator Saed Al affasi -2012

sculpture symposium in Abo Sinan village .curator Hatem Eweda. Ibdaa association foe art-2012Ostraka festival of fine art .Sharam Al Shikh. curator Mohamed Hemeda 2013

Porcelain symposium  Zsolnay factory and university of Pece ,Hungary .curator Komor István-2013

Painting symposium .Sanko holding ,Gaziantep ,Turkey ,curator Aslı Özen – 2013

sculpture symposium in Dubai  U.A.E .curator  Matar ben Lahej -2013

The sixth sculpture symposium in Amman ,The National Gallery and the Jordanian university .Amman .Jordan- 2014

Painting symposium In Yenisarpadimli .Turkey .curator Melek  Günbey -2014

sculpture symposium in Daliat Al Carmel. Curator Jamal Hasan ,Anat  association- 2014

Painting symposium in the cultural center in Antalya Turkey .curator Melek  Günbey -2015

Silk road   sculpture garden in Yonshwan-china  2015