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Ahmad Canaan is considered one of the most noted Palestinian artists and sculptors (1948 Palestinian). Born in Tamra in 1965, Canaan studied art at the prestigious Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. With a career that spans over 30 years, Canaan has participated in countless international exhibitions and cultural activities. With a steadfast commitment to the arts, not only is Canaan an artist, a curator, and an instructor, but also the founder of Canaan art gallery in his town of Tamra. Canaan’s paintings and sculptures, which adorn many houses of private collectors and institutions, are easily recognizable to anyone who is familiar with his work. Not only do his paintings contain many motifs of Palestinian heritage and culture such as the ‘’Dabkeh’’ and the orchids, but also he has a near obsession with the figure of the knight, as if to call this mystical figure to come and save the Holy Land from its sordid reality.

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