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The Dreamer Knight by Aida Nasrallah

This catalog contains a selection of Ahmad Canaan’s works from 2005-2007. These works focus on the theme of the “Knight,” which serves as an instrument for illustrating major symbols illuminating his implied significations of the concepts of a voyage, revelation, salvation, and love exemplified in The Dreamer Knight, 2006 and The Pride 1 and 2, 2006  read more

Nothing but light and the work of Ahmad Canaan
By Dr. Bashir Makhoul 2011

Ahmad has always been a prolific artist and can move from one medium to another with ease... read more

The Transition from the Allegorical Woman to the Woman of the Daily Life By Aida Nasrallah

Since the seventies, the image of the woman and its symbolizations in the works of various Palestinian artists has emerged as a national mythos, that is, a forceful element that represents the nation. The connection between the woman and the homeland was established insofar as the mother’s conception of her children complements the homeland's... read more

A look into Canaan's techniquesBy Nava Shoshani 2005

Due to the prohibition in the Islam of creating any animal or human figures, Muslim artists have turned to the art of trimming and decorating and did wonders there. Out of its limitations, Muslim art grew an abundant of spectacular geometrical figures, models and curvy lines combined into one another in an endless richness of color and shape... read more

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